We have implemented the following measures:

  • Set up a Covid-19 Committee consisting of managerial and
    non-managerial staff
  • Moved as many staff as practicable and possible to home working
  • Implemented a Covid-19 Policy and set of Procedures to manage the risks onsite for critical production staff
  • Implemented 2 metre social distancing measures, fixed workstations and fixed teams where required
  • Altered sign-in procedures
  • Increased the frequency and scope of cleaning regimes
  • Implemented new procedures regarding visitors to site

The Covid-19 Committee and our team of Directors are responsible for monitoring news and advice from the Government, NHS, and Public Health England. We are committed to following Government guidelines and will frequently review and update our Policy and procedures to reflect any changes.

We at Wilmot-Budgen Ltd have remained in operation as Covid-19 continues to impact people and organisations globally.